by Karl Cryer

In case of a flood emergency, when stranded proceed to the highest point of household and make sure you:

Listen to the radio or television for information and updates.
Prepare emergency food and water.
If you have time prepare a basic survival kit; with batteries, medicine, important documents, basic clothes, cash and a bottle of water.
Prepare dry clothes and keep extra in reserve.
Use flashlights, rather than flammable sources of light.
Move special belongings to higher floor or a secured spot in house if possible.
Do not touch electrical equipment if you have been outside in the rain.
Avoid electrical outputs in house.

When at the top floor or on the roof:
Make sure your position in secure at the top of the roof.
Build basic barriers in the form of a perimeter.
Be moderate with your consumption of food rations.
Try to avoid being exposed to wet weather.
Be aware of people around who can assist you.
Keep a form of a signal or a whistle in case you need to catch the attention of authorities.
Prioritize your possessions.
Sweep away the increasing levels of water around you.

When isolated outside on the streets:

If possible, move a stick in front when walking to check the ground in front of you.
Watch out for animals, such as snakes.
Do not walk through moving water.
Do not drive into flooded areas.
Avoid parking anywhere near a river or body of water.
Avoid flood-waters; water which may be contaminated by oil and gasoline.
Stay away from loose power lines.
Avoid buildings surrounded by flood-waters.
Do not go near damaged sewage systems which can be serious to health hazards.
Be responsible and watch out for children playing on flooded streets.
Plan out alternative routes to destinations.
Be extra cautious at night.
Move to the highest points of the the streets.
Be vigilant of your surroundings.
Keep close to people around you.

After a flood:


Make temporary repairs on damaged parts of household.
Clean and disinfect everything that might be wet after a flood.
Go home only when authorities indicate it is safe within your area.
Keep updated with the local news to know whether a community’s water supply is safe to drink.
Unplug drains in household after flood.
Do not eat food, that has been contaminated with the flood water.

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