Growing up, I tried to be religious. “Tried” is the operative word.

I would go to church every Sunday.  Then every first friday, I would try to go to church.  I didn’t understand the Bible but I would carry it to school for Christian Living class.  I thought carrying it would make me a better “Christian”.

Even after I gave my life to Christ when I was 17, I just basically carried my religiosity over to my walk with God.

When I would meet the standards, I would feel good about myself to the point of pride and delight for  the human approval that would follow.

When I’d blow it, I’d feel bad; not because I offended God but because I messed up my ‘spiritual score sheet.’

This went on until I realized that the gospel wasn’t just for my salvation but also for my sanctification.

Listen to what Charles Spurgeon has to say…

“When I thought God was hard, I found it easy to sin; but when I found God so kind, so good, so overflowing with compassion, I smote upon my breast to think that I could ever have rebelled against One who loved me so, and sought my good.”

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