One of the things we try to teach our kids is the virtue of generosity.

Part of generosity is trusting God that He can and will provide which is why we can hold on to stuff loosely.

This evening, we gave Ryan with 500 pesos because we’ve been blessed with his attitude – how he’s been very patient with Joaquin, teaching and helping him during the Family Camp.

After going around Toys R Us for many minutes, he chooses an action figure – HULK – which costs 500 pesos … which was Joaquin’s favorite.

I was surprised when I asked if he wanted it. He said no because he wanted to buy it for his younger brother Joaquin.

To this he responds, “I feel so happy. It feels good.”

This left me flabbergasted.

I’m so happy to see Ryan learning this very important principle on generosity:

It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35b)


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