A few years ago, friends from CCF (Christ’s Commission Fellowship) visited us at Victory Fort.  At that time, I was still serving in Kids Ministry together with our Children’s Church Director then, Crickette Abello.  After she toured our friends around, they were asking for the copies of the materials we use for our classes.

My response was, “For sure! Give them everything they’ll need.”

Crickette clarified by asking, “Everything?”

To this I said, “Yes. If we want to see this city, nation and planet reached for Christ, we will need to lock arms with other churches.”

“It’s going to take more than one church to reach this city, this nation.”

While travelling to minister to the multitudes, Jesus was asked by his disciples, “Jesus, we saw someone who is not one of us casting out demons in your name. Should we tell them to stop?” (Mark 9:38-40)

Notice how their reaction revealed an attitude of pride and exclusiveness that Jesus had to rebuke them for.

We can plan our action but never our reactions.

To this, we need to keep shifting our focus from local church to kingdom worldview.  God did not call us to build our own empires and kingdoms.  He called us to build His kingdom.

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