Relevance can become overrated.

It’s easy to add too many trappings in a Worship service that it becomes all fluff and none of the Spirit in it.

Even in our own spiritual lives, we try to stay ‘cool’ so that our friends will think it’s not that bad to become a Christian – that we can live for Christ and stay ‘cool.’

“We can still drink, smoke and chew… and hang out with girls who do.”

To separate from the world is “self-righteous, old school and holier than thou.”

But let us not forget what happened to the One we are trying to follow – He got nailed to a cross.  For what? Yes for our sins but also for going against the flow.

One of the promises we rarely quote together with Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 37:4 is 2 Timothy 3:12 which says that those who want to live a godly life, will be persecuted.

Listen to what A.W. Tozer said:

We Christians do so many things that are not really bad; just trivial. They are unworthy of us – much as if we discovered Albert Einstein cutting out paper dolls.

 Our spirits have been designed by God to communicate with Deity. Yet we consume our time in trivialities. He was separated from the vanities of the human race.

 The runner separates himself from street clothes in order to free himself for the race. The soldier separates himself from civilian garb in order to don equipment that helps his mission of combat. So we as God’s loving disciples must separate ourselves from everything that hinders our devotion to God.


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