My daughter came home the other night sad.

She recently got in the production of SOUND OF MUSIC at Resorts World Manila.  We prayed for it.  We believed God for it.  And God answered our prayers.

Press conferences have begun and she was chosen for the first one.

But for the one coming up this Saturday, someone else was chosen to be there.

She felt so sad. (Which is a huge understatement.)

But rescuing our kids from pain and disappointment can be the quickest response from any parent.

We can…

  • Be a scary stage parent and make a case to include her.
  • Sulk with her in a corner
  • Or see this as an opportunity to grow in character.

We made a choice to pick the 3rd option.

First, God knows what He’s doing.

Second, the production team knows what they’re doing.

Allowing our kids to go through disappointments in life will make them stronger.  It will build certain muscles that will be beneficial for them later on in life.

Remember, helping may not really be helpful always after all.


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