Monday mornings are usually basketball pick up games for me, several pastors, campus ministers and those in full time ministry like LA, Patrick, Owie, Roel, etc. Others who are professional students like Josh join us too. (peace Josh!)

One of the advantages of homeschooling is that I get to bring Ryan, my 8 year old, with me.  That can be considered as his P.E. class (haha).

While he was practicing his shots, I was sitting by the sidelines watching him.

I, then, noticed a pattern.  After he takes a shot, whether he makes it or not, he looks at me to check my reaction.

I usually give him a thumbs up sign or a nod to acknowledge his efforts – whether he makes the shot or not.

Dads, our kids look to us for a reaction, response or approval which is why it is critical to stay close and stay positive.

Giving a thumbs up sign not just because of achievement but primarily for effort is well worth it.

Just a reminder to all the dads out there, our kids are watching.  And how we respond can either build or break their confidence.

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