We have become so self absorbed that we don’t even notice it anymore.

Often enough, when we glance at a group picture, whose face do we look for first?  If you’d be honest, you look at you first.

Have you ever had an argument with someone after which you rehearsed in your mind over and over what you should have said and not said so that you could’ve won the argument?  Probably.

Next question – how many of you conjured a rerun of that same argument in your mind wherein you lost?  Not very many I suppose.

D.A. Carson puts it aptly when he said,

“Our self-centeredness is deep.  It is so brutally idolatrous that it tries to domesticate God Himself.  In our desperate folly, we act as if we can outsmart God, as if He owes us explanations, as if we are wise and self-determining while He exists only to meet our needs.”

Scarily truthful.

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