David was one stressed out dude.

Coming from Aphek/Jezreel, he was sent back to Ziklag by King Achish.

To his horror, he found his city destroyed and house burned down after the raid by the Amalekites.  To top that, his family was taken together with all that they owned.

If that wasn’t enough, his mighty men and closest friends thought about stoning him because they were all distressed because they too lost their homes, families and possessions.

Not sure if you can relate with him.  But let me take it closer to home.

You just found out that your dad has cancer.
You won’t have a job at the end of the month because your contract is ending.
All your investments were lost because of the economic crisis.
Your professor just told you that you flunked your chemistry class and you have to take summer classes.
Your husband is having an affair.

What do you do?

The Bible said when David cried and had no more strength left weep, he found strength somewhere else.

“David was greatly distressed … But David found strength in the LORD his God.” (1 Samuel 30:6)

Finding yourself in an impossible situation will cause you to try to look for diversions – movie, friends, massage, TV series, Cheetos, hazelnut latte, etc.

All that’s not bad and it will probably work … temporarily.

You see,“There is no genuine strength until it is found in God alone.”

Find rest in Him.

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