We kicked off our 7 day prayer and fasting last night with our WORSHIP NIGHT.

Carlos started off with the verse, “This is the day the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

It became a celebration from beginning to end.  A celebration of God’s faithfulness.  A celebration of His goodness.  A celebration of hope for the coming year.

We prayed for people God to move and He did.  Here’s a lady who shared what she experienced last night.

hello ptr paolo,

just wanted to share…

i would have wanted to raise my hand to share while you were going around earlier during worship night, for the healing right after prayer. but i had some quite a number in the list, was thinking it would be long to enumerate.

1st, i had migraine. after the prayer, it felt so light, like my head was ballooning.

2nd, i came with backpain. right after, i felt like my back was being lifted and stretched and i didnt feel the pain anymore.

3rd, i had grumbling tummy mid of the worship night. i was already hungry. after the prayer, i didnt feel full but it wasnt hungry either.

it was just amazing! one of the best worship nights. just keeps on getting better & better!!! and oh by the way, my first to speak in tongues too. and ptr joey is right, when you cannot contain it, it simply overflows!


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