Day 1 of our couples retreat.  I just want to say it has been very refreshing.  Bernard and Ivy are amazing.  They’re some of our finest in Victory.

Some of the things we learned…

  • There are learned Biblical behaviors that we can acquire.  One of which is to be ‘quick to listen’ as James 1:19 says.
  • “Nothing-you-can-do-to make-me-love-you-less” attitude
  • You can plan your action but never your reaction.  That’s why we need to decide ahead.
  • To truly “L.U.V.” by listening is to “listen”, “Understand” and “Validate.”
  • “First duty of love is to listen” – Paul Tillich
One of the most important skills you need as a leader is the ability to listen. The Chinese characters that make up the verb “to listen” tell us something significant about the skill. A King, in order to be a true leader, must listen with earseyes, and heart … giving undivided attention to the people.

  • On a side note, there was a fun, funny, special presentation in the evening by the ladies.  Here goes …

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