Gallup Poll made a research and surveyed 10,000 people.  They asked these 2 questions: “What leader has the most positive influence in your daily life?” and “Can you list 3 words that best describe what this person contributes to your life?”

You would expect the ‘usual suspects’ like purpose, wisdom, humor, humility, vision.

But it seems that the people gave a clear picture of what they want and need from the most influential leaders in their lives.

Here’s the list:

1. Trust

2. Compassion

3. Stability

4. Hope

Trust was on the top of the list.

One of the people that were interviewed said, “The truth is your bond- you die keeping your promises.  If you send the message that your word is not worth much, you’ll be paid back on that.”

The research revealed that “the chances of employees being engaged at work when they do not trust the company’s leaders are just 1 in 12.”

In stark contrast, the chances of employees being engaged at work are better than 1 in 2 if they trust the leadership of the organization.

Trust increases speed and efficiency in the workplace.  As Steven R. Covey would say in his book, “Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust.”

Best Buy’s Brad Anderson says “the key to building trust is being authentic, even if that means letting people see his flaws.  As a leader, he feels no choice but to be very candid – even when delivering difficult news – because that’s the only way to build trust.  It is the most cherished and valuable commodity in a work environment.”

More on the other 3 in my next post.

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