I attended a Standard Operating Procedures training this afternoon at Victory Fort.   Because of the growth God’s been giving, coupled with it are challenges hinged to the growth.

Ms. Summer Parcon, a child psychologist shared about reasons why kids steal.

I just thought I’d share this with those who might be interested – parents, teachers, educators, kids church volunteers…

1. Poor impulse control

There may be many reasons for this.  One of which was permissive parenting.  When kids are given everything they want when they want, they may get frustrated when they don’t get what they want and resort to stealing.

2. Observational learning from adults.

If a child sees that daddy brings home office supplies, then they will think it’s also ok to do the same.

As Pastor Ferdie says it, “Monkey see, monkey do.”

3. Need for attention.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of family.  Surveys have shown us time and time again that when a child doesn’t get this at home, they will try to find it outside the home, even if that may cause them to do something they know is wrong.

4. Emotional lack

Lack of family closeness and support can be some of the reasons.  Kids who feel this may feel empty inside and may take things to fill that void.  There may be a lack of opportunity to express themselves so they displace it by taking other people’s things.

5. Peer pressure

One of our greatest needs as humans is the need to belong and to feel accepted.

Some want to appear tough, bold and important.  So when they get dared to get something that’s not theirs, they try to prove themselves to fit in.

6. Thrill and excitement

Stealing can lead to a sense of accomplishment.  It brings a certain rush.

7. Envy

Because of the influx of nice gadgets and stuff, kids might feel a pressure to have that item.

Hope this helps.

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