Shared about Esther’s life yesterday in church.  She was no special person but because she made herself available for God, she was used in extra ordinary ways – to save her nation.

(Video podcast here)

One might say, “I’m not a queen.  I look like one or act like one, but I’m really not one.”  But you gotta remember that way before she became queen, she was a regular young lady ready for whatever God wanted to do for her and through her.

Concurrently, right at the same time, God was raising up other guys to rebuild the nation of Israel.  Ezra opened the Scriptures to reconnect people to God.  Nehemiah was used to fix the infrastructure of the nation and rebuild the walls.

You see, when God rebuilds a nation.  It’s never one guy.  He pulls many together to accomplish His purpose.  Sometimes, leadership can be over glorified.  It’s still HIM, at the end of the day.  He uses ordinary, regular Joes like us to accomplish his purpose.

To see this nation rise from the ashes, it can’t be one leader, candidate, ‘savior’.  It will have to be all of us coming together to see this thing happen.

It’s a banker who keeps his integrity intact.  It’s the young high schooler studying hard and pushing to excel for one day he will be in a leadership position.  It’s the teacher who gives her best to not only download info but also character.  It’s the father who disciples his kids into all God has planned. And so on…

Each one, doing his part.

Yesterday, one guy did his part.  Joshua Suarez ran 102 km for the DEATH MARCH and raised Php 102,000 for underprivileged students of Real Life Foundation’s Scholarship Fund.

He’s not a Senator, not a governor, not even a CEO of a multi national company.  But in his way, he is making a contribution to make a difference in this nation, this time.

Imagine what this nation will look like in 40, 50, 70 years if everyone did his ‘little’ contribution to make a difference.

Remember, it’s the little things that make the little difference that eventually make the big difference.

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