Our Tuesday staff meetings have been fun for me.  When 25-30 people come together to regroup, download, upload, report, celebrate wins, it’s always a good thing.

But what makes it more fun is when you have someone cracks a joke, someone buys pizza, someone tells a story about their week that makes us bust out laughing, manny makes a comment, miko gets lost in outer space, ganns gives a witty remark with his evil laugh, bernard chides and blows us away with a story… stuff like these make staff meetings fun.  Now include LA MUMAR‘s clapping invention when we celebrate a win.  Ask him about it when you see him.

Mark Batterson said, “I cannot cite a verse or a study, but I honestly believe that the healthiest churches are churches that laugh the most. I’d also add cry the most to that. They are churches that feel deeply, feel freely. The gospel isn’t just in their heads. It’s in their hearts.”

I believe that.

I’m just so glad I serve with a team of fun people.  We have every reason to rejoice – we have JESUS.  That’s more than enough.

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