What the team does, the team accomplishes…

We met this morning to continue our strategic planning for discipleship.  I am privileged to work with brilliant men and women.

Working with these guys taught me one important lesson – I am not necessarily the smartest person in the room.  I just happen to be the leader.

I’ve always known this (the not the smartest guy in the room part) but consistently finding out and appreciating the wisdom in the room is such an awesome honor.

Mae “Cutie” Perez – who is so brilliant with volunteer management.  She makes Jimmy Carter feel like 4 feet tall with her volunteer management prowess.

Dennis “Action Man” Isleta – who is such a soldier in the kingdom of God who is both a leader and a servant.  He makes Norman Swarzkopf pee in his pants.

Jun “the Doc” Aguilar – who is the master at raising future leaders from scratch.  John Welch wouldn’t even think twice getting this guy in his team.

Crickette “Cookie” Abello – who is the best with details and organization.  The next president of the Philippines should actually get her as press secretary cum presidential chief of staff cum executive secretary.  She can run the nation when the president is out of the country.

Bernard “Mr. Ideation” Marquez – who is amazing at what he does in Pastoral Services that Dr. Phil will want to seek counseling from him.

Carlos “the deliberative consultant” – who often stands as the devil’s advocate (sorry for the term).  But he is good at what he does.  I wouldn’t be surprised if McKinsey & Co. pirates him but they won’t be able to afford him.  They don’t have Old Vine and Gelato.

LA “the small pox” Mumar – who is now on loan because he is on route to planting a new church in Makati.  He is always a welcome voice to the discussion because he is a ‘young veteran’.  While he is still young, he has had so much experience in ministry since he’s been serving since he was 12 or 13 years old.

Of course, our senior pastor – Joey “the grand master” Bonifacio who trailblazes for all of us.  Integrity. Character. Leadership. Strategic. These are some words that I know will describe him.  We are blessed to have him leading all of us.

Then there’s Robert, Rich, Junjin, Jonathan, Manny, Ramir, Klaris, Gabby, Onie, Ganns, Marge, Mich, Mark, Christian, Dan, …. (hope I didn’t miss anyone)

Team!  I know I’m not the smartest person.  I simply am the leader.

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