This weekend after the prayer and fasting went by like a whirlwind…


– After office, I had a wedding to officiate – what an awesome wedding!  A young single mom who found her knight in shining armor.  Almost brought me to tears seeing her march down the aisle and finally receiving the promise of God for her life.  God never ceases to amaze me in how much He takes care of His kids.

– Rushed to a 70th birthday party of one of the guys from church.  In his speech, he mentions that after a quintuple bypass and kidney transplant, it is all because of JESUS that he is where he is today.  I love hearing people give honor to where honor is due.  Amazing man!

– Ran to a family reunion which was happening at our house.  Since my sister, Princess, is here in town, several reunions are taking place because she hasn’t been back in about 3 years.  Love it that my sister is in town.  I really miss her.


– Saturday was crazier.  In the morning, I had a baseball game to help coach.  My son, Ryan’s team played.  We weren’t supposed to keep score because at his age bracket, each game should end as a tie every time.  But we all know that a game is not a game if we don’t know who won.  So I made a mental note.  We won 17-9.  Haha!

– Rushed to a baby dedication I had to officiate.  It was a powerful time.  Not too many who attended come to church but God’s presence showed up and it was a touching ceremony.  Any event becomes powerful when God shows up. Galing.

– Ran to Antipolo for a very close friend’s 40th birthday party.  Glenn,  a very good friend, put together a surprise party for his wife.  It was well planned and excellently executed.  Happy birthday, Jeje.


– Sundays are always pretty packed for me but this Sunday was extra packed.  Brought the family in the morning to attend church.  Jenn was emceeing the morning services.  Kids attended also.  They like attending the morning services.  I think because I’m not the one preaching (since I preach at 5 and 7 pm). haha.

– Ran to a wedding to attend around 1:30.

– Rushed back to Victory Fort at 5 pm to preach at the 5 and 7 pm.

– Ran back to the wedding reception at Wack Wack club house (yes it was a loooooong reception).  I got to catch the tail end of the party.

Huff… puff… whew!

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