Spoke to Mommy Academy this morning. I still think they made a mistake inviting. They got the wrong guy. They should’ve invited my wife, Jenn.

This is what I shared… here goes…

Remember the movie “Christmas with the Kranks?” Luther and Nora’s daughter went out of the country to serve in the Peace Corps. Thus, that particular year, they felt that Christmas would be without meaning because their daughter won’t be there. So they thought they’d “skip Christmas” that year and just go on a cruise.

How many of us have probably thought about ‘skipping Christmas’ because of all that this season entails. How do we actually simplify Christmas?

Here are a few thoughts.


Last week, Nathan gave our 6 year old, Ryan, a yoyo. I think he wasn’t sure what it was for he kept on tangling the string. I think he thought the purpose was to keep the string entangled.

But the purpose of a yoyo is for it to roll up and down and enjoy it.

Christmas was the time when God thought of the idea to rescue mankind from the mess he was in. The Bible calls that sin.

It is critical for us to understand why we celebrate what we celebrate. That is the starting point of untangling the clutter of Christmas.


First things first. To play with that yoyo, Ryan had to untangle the string before it can accomplish the purpose it was designed for.

Questions to ask ourselves… what is important to us? What is valuable for our family to do?

Our value systems drive our behavior.

Things vs. Traditions?

Traditions are not necessarily old school or bad. Traditions, especially in Christmas time build memories. Rather than focusing on the stuff, focus on fun times that can be spent with family.

A few ideas – setting up Christmas tree as a family instead of helpers doing it, singing Christmas songs together, watching Christmas movies together as a family over a bucket of popcorn, making ornaments together, walking around the village and look at Christmas lights, and on and on and on.


Think. Plan. Implement.

Fill your calendar because of if you don’t someone else will.

My wife prints out a calendar and we’re pretty deliberate about where and what we go to. Because if you let people pull you into this and that party, you’ll be running around like a headless chicken.

Bottomline, remember what Christmas was designed for. And primarily, 2 relationships are critical in this season – relationships with family and our relationship with the One who came, became like one of us so we can be reconciled to Him.

For God SO LOVED the world that HE GAVE…. (John 3:16)

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