Picture 4Conference concluded today.  Thought about writing a blog for each session.  But I think if I attempt that, I might end up not doing it at all because I gathered so much.

Allow me to just list down a few key thoughts.  Won’t be complete but oh well…

  • What does an ‘unstoppable church’ (Scott Chapman) look like?
    – Spiritually transforming
    – Culturally inspiring
    – Relationally connecting
    – Missionally impacting
  • The (local) church is the hope of the world… because we are the hands and the feet of Jesus! (Scott Chapman)
  • Don’t allow ministry to trump over family time. (Geoff Surratt)
  • We hit barriers when…
    – we’ve outgrown our leadership capacity
    – we’ve outgrown our structures
    – there’s a culture shift
  • Mission creep happens when we change our goals to match our successes. (Larry Osborne)
  • Success assaults clarity.
  • If you’re not accomplishing your God-given vision, then who is?  Too many have ‘cut&paste’, photo-copied type of vision. (Will Mancini)
  • Sometimes, the real problem is defining the real problem.
  • You were born an original.  Don’t die a carbon copy! (Jim Sheppard)

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