Calamities can bring out the best and the worst in people.

I have been so blown away by people from church and how they’ve given, donated, sacrificed, helped, committed, organized, cleaned, offered, contributed… (running out of words)… when typhoon Ondoy hit Manila.

At the same breath, unfortunately, some ‘took advantage’ of the situation.

When we went out to a particular evacuation center one night to distribute relief goods, we were told to leave the venue first because a certain politician was there and our goods cannot get mixed up with theirs or else he will get the credit or vise versa (since we were working with local government units for that day).

We were told to park our truck somewhere else first, wait an hour and come back after this particular person left.

I felt dejected to say the least. “How hard is it to help? Does it have to be this complicated?”

Our nation is in desperate need of leaders who will serve and will not need to take the credit to help.  The sad thing is that this doesn’t only happen in THAT world.  It happens everywhere – business, education, church, entertainment, banking, corporate, non-profit organizations, …

It’s often been said that it doesn’t matter who gets the credit, as long as the job gets done!

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