09192009152I attended this morning’s baby dedication at Victory Fort. 35 children. Scores of ninongs and ninangs. Awesome event. Bernard Marquez is doing a phenomenal job putting stuff like these together.

While going around, I noticed a familiar face. Nathan Mejica, who heads up an orphanage our church supports brought a baby to be dedicated.

He told me the story of little Caleb. When they found him, he was scrawny, under-nourished and unwanted. To top that, he was blind.

But with weeks and months of taking care of Caleb and with much prayer, God supernaturally did something amazing. God healed baby Caleb.

Today, baby Caleb can now see.

It’s like a story right out of the pages of the Old Testament.  Amazing story.  Amazing man.  Amazing God!

… for I am the LORD, who heals you.” (Ex. 15:26)

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