Picture 1“It’s not the size of your faith but the object of your faith.”

Jenn and I stayed in St. Petersburg, Russia for a year to help Pastor Michael Paderes plant a church.  During our stay, we were able to go through the complete four season experience – summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Winter time, Neva River, the main river that runs thru St. Pete freezes over.  We’ve had the fun experience of walking on top of it.

But before stepping onto the ice, because it’s my first time, there’s a level of fear/anxiety that comes.  I can try to convince myself and speak positivity into the situation and say “I won’t go through and sink… I won’t go through and sink… I won’t go through and sink.”  No matter how hard I try to convince myself, if the ice is just 2 inch thick, I’ll be an ice cube in no time.

However, if I stand by the river, though I may be full of anxiety, yet if the ice is 2 feet thick, when I jump, I will not go through.

The point?  It’s not about the size of our faith but the object of our faith.  Why can we jump into the river?  Because our God is big, no matter how small our faith is.

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