08172009101I spoke to one of our ministry staff yesterday.  Since he is quite new in the team, he wanted to clarify a few things.

He mentioned that he appreciated the environment that everyone’s ideas and opinions are heard during the staff meeting.  He said that he was told before that “less talk, less mistakes”.

I told him that we try not to operate that way.  Joey Bonifacio has created an environment that each idea is heard that’s why at the end of the discussion, we feel we end up with the best decision since we’ve listened to all perspectives.

I was listening to a leadership podcast this morning that confirmed this.

“You are probably not the smartest person in the organization; you’re just the leader.”

Kabam!  That’s so true!  (Though I had no doubts about this statement way before I heard it because it was so obvious to the others I am leading even to my family).  As a leader, you and I are not probably the smartest people, we’re just the leader.  Sometimes we’ve place so much premium in the role and end up thinking the leader has to end up with all the answers.

Which is why we have to create an environment where listen and that everyone in the leadership team is heard.
– Leaders are attracted to environments where their ideas and opinions are heard.

– Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded with people who have nothing important to say.  And that would be that saddest day in any leader’s life.

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