broken trustAs a leader, trust is the primary currency you and I have.

People can follow because of titles.  They can follow because of incentives.  Others will follow because they might get fired.  Some will follow because of your position.  But people love to follow people they trust.

Daniel was trustworthy.  People falsely accused him and did their best to discredit him yet they couldn’t.

Daniel 6:4 says that “he was trustworthy… neither corrupt nor negligent.”

2 Things that break trust:

1. Saying one thing and doing another.

Corruption in not just about taking someone’s wealth.  The dictionary defines it as someone who is dishonest, unprincipled and crooked.

When we say one thing, do we do something different hoping people won’t notice?  When we do that, we break trust.  The truth is, it’s in the little things that people see that actually erode trust.

2. Saying one thing and not doing it.

Daniel did what he always did.

In fact, King Darius’ question showed Daniel’s consistency.

“Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, WHOM YOU SERVE CONTINUALLY, been able to rescue from the lions?”

When we say one thing and not follow through, that too breaks trust.

Daniel was trustworthy because he was neither corrupt nor negligent.

As a result, the Bible says that he “prospered during the reign of Darius and the reign of Cyrus the Persian.”

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