07262009061Walter Walker shared an amazing message tonight at the 5 pm service at the Fort.

Amazing is the word.

It was simple yet heartfelt and powerful!  I loved the way he spoke – conversational and relaxed.  It was like sitting in his kitchen table and listening him talk about Steve and Rice when they were in University.’

A few thoughts from his message…

Do what only you can do.  We’ve been wired a certain way and there are things only you can do in His kingdom.  Never say that your contribution is very small.  No one can judge that.  Time can only tell.

From a church of 30 people came some of the best of the best – Rice and Steve included.

Do not esteem what is worthy and not worthy.  You and I will never know which situation or event or person will become significant in the future.

Walter Walker exemplified this.  He did what he felt God called him to do.  He did it with all his heart and boom!  You get some of the finest men of God in the kingdom of God today.  They weren’t always like that but because of the foundations that have been set, these men are who they are today.

90% of success is showing up.  Love this.  Just keep moving forward.  Never get tired or weary.  Just show up everytime and God will show up in your situation.

Rootedness is exclusive. You can’t be rooted and grounded in God’s word while at the same time being rooted in bitterness, lust, greed, pride or fear.  As Jesus said in the Parable of the Sower, one type of root (the weeds) will choke out the other type of root (the Word).

Below are some of the very interesting pictures of Steve, Rice and Walter together with the other men he discipled back in the 70’s.

Walter's Discipleship Group
Walter's Discipleship Group

Steve as a University Student

Steve as a University Student
No Clue About What God's About To Do

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