bk_Refresh1_1280-fullFort pastors met this morning (first of a series of meetings every Thursday morning) to talk about how we can refresh, reboot, recharge, revitalize, re… something our small group ministry (need a thesaurus for more “re” words).

Since last week, we’ve been thinking of our rallying cry for the next 12 months which is “SMALL IS BIG.” What does this actually mean?

In our context, it means, small group ministry is HUGE for us. Small groups is a BIG deal for us.

Why? Because we know that at this moment, we believe that small group ministry still is the best vehicle to be discipled and make disciples.

I wrote about why we feel it’s the most effective vehicle several blogs ago. Click here to read.

Genesis 2:18 tells us that “it is not good for man to be alone.” Yes, this was written in the context of marriage but it certainly goes beyond just the marriage relationship. It is a principle that is applicable to building community.

“Sheep are never attacked in herds. They are often attacked when they become isolated from the rest of the flock.” (Andy Stanley)

Small is big. It’s so HUGE for us that we are planning something MAJOR… as in BIG in the next few months.

Watch out for that.

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