4638_90858898290_605023290_1787355_4103019_nJust got back from a whole day strategic meeting with all our pastors, campus ministers and staff at the Fort.

Carlos Antonio helped us so much as he went through “ESTABLISHING A THEMATIC GOAL ROADMAP” inspired by the book “Silos, Politics and Turf Wars” by Patrick Lencioni.  So much help in figuring out what’s our “scoreboard” and what are the steps we need to take to get to where we need to go.

A few thoughts….

  • The bigger the organization, the more the people focus on the parts and not the whole.
  • As in a football team, there are defense coaches and offense coaches.  They can spin off into their own worlds but what will unite them is the scoreboard.  Them being on top is at the end of the day their goal.
  • “If everything is important, then nothing is important.”  We lose the power when we’re not focused.

After a very, very, very long discussion, we discussed what’s the single, temporary and qualitative rallying cry that we can all share as members of one team.  It had to be clear, concise, achievable and measurable.

What we value, we measure.

So, at the end of our loooooooonnnnnngggggg discussion, our rallying cry for the next 12 months at the Fort is…

A commitment to re-emphasize the importance and value of small group ministry…

Will share more about this in the coming days…

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