It has become an impersonal world…

ATM’s, automated response email, electronic toll booth, E-pass, internet banking, automated telephone receptionist… whether out of a desire to reduce cost in personnel or to improve systems, something gave.

While the world is going that direction, Starbucks has gone upstream realizing something important to humans – “we are in a culture craving for relationships.”

A card promoting career opportunities at Starbucks reads, “Create Community. Make a difference in someone’s day.” Further, it reads, “When you work at Starbucks, you can make a difference in someone’s day by creating an environment where neighbors and friends can get together and reconnect while enjoying a great coffee experience.”

What Starbucks discovered, some churches have forgotten. It is really nothing new since it really is a Biblical concept. God Himself said that it is not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18). While this applies in the context of marriage, the implications go beyond the marriage union.

We are in the midst of a vast ocean of humanity yet we end up missing on the benefits of regular, meaningful relationships.  Haven’t you noticed that bars and coffee shops are mere fellowship halls where people can hang out and talk?  Something we can capitalize as a church.

In the next several entries, I will try to write down some of my thoughts from reading CREATING COMMUNITY by Andy Stanley.

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