Key thoughts from Day 2 of our Biblical Preaching Seminar by Nomer Bernardino.

1. The preacher needs to be convinced of his calling and the awesome importance of his task.

It is important to be clear on this.  Otherwise, what we do becomes a ‘have-to’ rather than a ‘love-to”.

2. The Preacher needs to cherish, grow and guard His own love affair with God.

The more full our souls, the more we can preach without running dry. (Haddon Robinson)

The pulpit is no place for borrowed blessings.  They must flow out of the minister’s fellowship with God in order to be fresh and exciting. (Wiersbe and Wiersbe, The Elements of Preaching)

3. The preacher needs to immerse and delight in the Word of God again and again

Psalm 1:1-2. Meditate on God’s word day and night.

Psalm 119:97.  Oh how I love Your law!  It is my meditation all day.

4. The preacher needs to have a genuine love for his flock.

5. The pastor needs to take care of his family

While it is true that God does not looks at outside appearances but the heart, the congregation does not see as God sees.  What they see is the pastor’s personality, the way he raises up his family and how his children are doing.

It’s very easy for pastors to unconsciously neglect their families, who are longing to be discipled and cared for by the pastor, while waiting, suffering silently.

Some pastors are only awakened when there’s a tragedy.  It is not accidental that Paul wrote that leaders should manage their households well.

Our families are our first line of defense and encouragement from the enemy and from the pressures of ministry.  But when neglected, they may become the pastor’s waterloo.

6. The pastor needs to take care of himself and his health.

While bodily disciplines are not as profitable as the pursuit of godliness, there are obvious advantages in taking care of our physical well-being, and more importantly, this is the will of God.

Preachers are gross violators of sabbaths.

7. The preacher needs also to learn to hear the voice of God and discern the work of God through other people.

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