It’s easy to hold on tight to someone you can see and touch.
It’s easy to believe the things that you understand.

But what if it’s something you can’t see?
What if it’s something you can’t understand?

Our Heavenly Father, who has seen all things and knows all things, is drawing us to Him. He’s inviting us to reach out and hold on to His hands and trust Him, even if we can’t see nor understand, simply because the God that we serve will always be faithful, sovereign and loving.

We are called to walk by faith and not by sight.

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There are so many voices around and inside us.

Who do we listen to or what do we believe as true?

May we listen and trust the voice of our Heavenly Father, because the one who holds the universe in His hands is also the one who knows what’s best for us.

“That which glorifies Him the most is what is done for my greatest good.“

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Do you feel restless not knowing what the future holds?

Living in uncertain times makes us grapple for something that’s steady and stable. Something that will remain constant. As we continue to search, may we realize that the only thing that has remained the same and will continue to remain the same is God. He is our Everlasting Father who has always been and will always be loving, faithful, sovereign and good.

“In the midst of changing times, we can put our trust in an unchanging God.”

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From the moment we wake up, we are faced with various tasks and worries. 

Do we allow these things to occupy our mind and fill our heart or do we surrender them to God in thanksgiving and worship?

As we choose to seek God and focus on Him everyday in any  circumstance, everything else becomes small compared to how big and majestic our God is.

“When we seek His face, we turn our focus on Him and turn away from every other distraction.”

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“Lord, please save us!”

We all are crying out for this pandemic to be over soon. Our hearts are grieved with the news that we hear everyday of families going hungry, people fighting on social media, loved ones being taken away, and frontliners dying while fighting this battle.

Let us continue to cry out to God everyday because He alone can save us. 

In whatever situation, may it be of victory and difficulty, we are implored to give glory and praise to God. In the midst of these trying times, God is still seated on His throne and is Sovereign over all. He will remain faithful and true to His Word. We can always run to Him and find refuge in Him.

“Blessed be the name of the Lord, my God!”

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Covid 19 will forever be remembered as a disease caused by a virus which led to a catastrophic event not just in China, but has spread throughout the globe. Hence, the Pandemic.

In 1918, more than a hundred years ago, a similar pandemic which lasted for almost 3 years, infected 500 million people. 

These pandemics have caused painful disruptions in the lives of thousands and millions of people – businesses closing down, stocks plummeting, companies losing money, families going hungry, and lives being taken away. 

In the midst of the crisis that we are facing today, where is the church? 

History has repeatedly shown how the church, the body of Christ or the people who follow and love God, has been an extension of His hands and feet. 

God has called us to be the salt and the light of the world.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

The goal is to bring honor and glory to God!

Even with the challenge of not meeting together in a particular place, God has brought our hearts together to continue to worship Him in the way we serve His people – by providing food to the needy, shelter to the frontliners, and prayer and comfort to the anxious and grieving. Through these, many will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as we continue to demonstrate and declare the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is more powerful and potent than the virus we are facing now. It does not only provide temporary relief or comfort, but offers hope of a fruitful life here on earth and a promise of eternal life.

Let us continue to spur one another in keeping the faith. The God that we worship, who created the Heavens and the Earth, neither slumbers not sleeps. He is in full control and will always be Sovereign above all. Let us fix our eyes on Him and continue to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as to what He wants us to do or say to the people around us – physically and online. How would God want us to respond in different situations we find ourselves in during this crisis?

A hundred years from now, this pandemic will be in the history books. 

What will history say about the church?

I love what Ptr Adam Mabry said from our Every Nation Boston Church, “I believe this is our best moment.”

Let’s embrace it, and let’s engage.



There is no sin too dark nor too big that God can’t forgive and cleanse us from. There is hope for all of us who have sinned. We can come to Him in humility and acknowledge all our sins because He will neither judge nor condemn us. As we put our trust on what Jesus Christ did on the Cross, we can receive forgiveness from sin and be reconciled with the Father so that we may experience how it is to truly live.

Salvation is by grace through faith and not by our own good works. 

This is the Good News!

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In the age social media, most of us put on an image of a seemingly perfect life because we want to be accepted and loved. 

Because of fear of rejection, we’re too afraid to let other people see the real us—our struggles and past mistakes. 

The good news is, there is someone who loves us unconditionally with all our struggles and baggages, and that is Jesus Christ. 

He demonstrated it by dying on the Cross for us, even while we were still sinners. And even if we still fail and hurt Him sometimes, He still showers us with His love every single day.

“In Christ, we are fully known and yet unconditionally accepted.”

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After taking a walk around our neighborhood tonight with my family (which we haven’t done in quite a long time), I remembered a composition my daughter in law, Pauline, sent me.

It is apparently written by Chinese pastor to a brother in Christ in Istanbul. I am uncertain about the veracity and accuracy of the author’s information, but the composition is worth the read and will cause you to consider the author’s insights nonetheless.



The hustle and bustle of China finally quiets down, the restless society comes to a still, and the restless Chinese people gradually calm down.

The wild animals that were once held by humans in cages finally managed to keep humans in cages.

Humans finally lower their proud head and have begun to think quietly: Are we still the king of the earth?

Mankind finally feels the power of nature once again….

In the face of the threat of death, human beings have only begun to reflect seriously, only to realize that a lack of awe-inspiring social atmosphere will lead to more harm and more risks.

The greedy heart is being purified by the virus, and the mouth that loves to eat is being punished by the virus. The people who have been soaking in the bright red and green places all day have been driven home by the virus, saying…. “Go home!”

There are fewer and fewer people on the street, few cars on the road.

The air is getting fresher…. the haze is gone…. the sky is getting bluer…. the sun is getting brighter…. family lives are getting warmer, harmonious, and cordial. People’s hearts have become more and more calm.

People who haven’t read for years have picked up books at home. Parents and children who had no communication, couples who couldn’t speak a few words a year have opened up the conversation box. Children who do not know how to respect the elderly have begun to be filial.

The virus teaches human beings a vivid and profound lesson. It makes us understand awe. It also lets us know what is called “good times.”

It also makes us feel true love on earth. It makes us gradually fall in love with “Return to the Road.”

We really should be grateful for this “enemy.” We need such an enemy to give us a “reminder” and give us “empowerment.”

The virus will not leave so quickly. It needs to see the cultivation of human good habits. The virus will not continue to rage, because human love will gather more power to keep the virus away. Time will tell us everything. Time will also prove what is right.

The virus reminds us that THERE IS AN ALMIGHTY.

And humans are just humans.


Is being good, good enough?

“Man’s religion is about what man can do for God. Christianity is about what God has done for man.”

The beauty of the gospel is that what Jesus Christ has done on the cross is already enough to save us from our sins and give us the wonderful gift of eternal life. It is already finished! Being good is not a requirement, but it is the overflow of a heart that’s grateful for receiving salvation and victory in all areas of our life.

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