“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” – C.S. Lewis

In a day and age of self-promotion, God is calling us to imitate Jesus Christ. He was born on a manger, lived a life of serving others, and subjected Himself to crucifixion to pay the penalty for our sins. He was concerned about the glory of God, not fame. He was seeking after the applause of God, not men. 

Humility by serving others and putting others first is not a form of weakness, deficiency nor defect, but an opportunity to bring glory to God and make His name known.

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“Real significance is found in the service of the one true King.”

As ambassadors of the King, we have been called to reflect a posture of servanthood at home, in school and in the workplace. More than achieving positions and wealth that will fade, we are to  gain treasures that will last for eternity. And more than pleasing men, we have the privilege of receiving favor and pleasure from God everyday.

Being reminded of this, we can truly live a life of significance.

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“Great faith does not exempt us from suffering.”

Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior does not promise a storm-free life. The Bible did say that in this life we’ll have trouble and pain. Some prayers may also not be answered the way we expect it to. But the Bible declares that the Lord has overcome the world. And He is with us always. And so we can take heart in the midst of trouble, pain, and the waiting.

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Why do we need faith? Is it possible to live life without it?

There can be an immeasurable gap between our current realities and God’s promises. For us to receive all that He has for us, we need faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

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Gratefulness is a posture of the heart more than the result of our circumstances.