“We enter into God’s rest when we trust Him with our past sins, present circumstances, and future hope.”

Real rest can only be found in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father, when we fully rely on the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross; when we trust that He has given us the free gift of salvation and the opportunity to start anew; and when we believe that He continually carries us in whatever season we are facing and will be facing in the days, months, and years to come.

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“Our grasp of the amazingness of grace is directly proportional to the desire we have to express and demonstrate our thankfulness for it.”

Realizing that we don’t deserve anything good, yet because of God’s amazing love and grace we have been forgiven of our sins, given the gift of eternal life and blessed with an abundant life; may we show our gratitude by extending the same generosity in the way we love and give of ourselves to others.

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“A change of behaviour is only a result of a change of affection.”

God’s sanctifying grace transforms our heart from being passionate in satisfying our own desires to being passionate in seeking God and aligning our desires to His. This is only made possible by the grace of God as we receive a revelation of God’s immeasurable love for us. When He sacrificed His one and only son to die on the Cross, He gave us the chance to enjoy eternal life with Him.

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“Because we have been justified by grace, we have been forgiven. “

The Amazing Grace of God says that we have been justified and forgiven of all our sins. But not only has he erased our sins, He also clothed us with His righteousness – justified and given a new heart. What’s left for us to do in the face of this undeserving love and acceptance? Worship. Awe. Obedience

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“How can I face 2020 with less anxiety?”

The answer to that is knowing that the one who holds our future is sovereign, faithful and good. God is able to grant us wisdom and revelation to know Him more. And as we know Him more we will be assured and secured that we are in the loving arms of a heavenly Father who will always be with us. 

May our desire for the rest of this year be to know Him more.

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“Because we have been adopted, we now have a new family, our debts are cancelled, and we gain an inheritance.”

By God’s grace and and unconditional love, He has adopted us as sons and daughters to be heirs to the promise and to enjoy the privileges of having the Almighty God as our Abba Father. Having been given this identity, may we have a heart that’s always grateful and that desires to please and honor Him every single day of our lives.

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“Just because you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean nothing is happening”

When the things that we’re believing for don’t happen how and when we want them to, we immediately think that God has forgotten or He’s not doing anything. But the truth is God is always at work and He is able and willing to give us the best according to His will and timing. All we need to do is to trust Him who knows everything and loves us the most.

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Here’s the story of Jimmy, who once lived for the purpose of accumulating wealth and gaining position, but now generously gives of everything he has—time, money, and effort to unreached, dark places with no source of electricity. This was only made possible when he found the true source of light, Jesus Christ. He now lives his life with meaning and purpose.


“Giving is an antidote to greed.”

God has freely given us the gift of salvation when Jesus Christ died on the Cross on our behalf and resurrected after three days. Having been given something that we don’t deserve — mercy and grace — we can give with a heart of gratitude for His kingdom’s cause.

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