What is most valuable comes to surface when going through an ordeal.

Last week, I had a bout with intestinal flu that I caught somewhere. In a season when it’s very busy and commitments were all in place, not being able to fulfill the things I said yes to was a tough one. I had to speak at events, officiate a Golden Wedding Anniversary renewal of vows, visit people, send gifts, lead meetings, and a few others.

But being stuck in bed made me realize what’s most important.

1. Relationship with God.

When you feel you are on your own and no one can really be there 24/7, you can have the assurance that Someone is present no matter what. He who comforts, helps, consoles and relieve.

2. Connection with family.

There are lots of people you can spend tons of hours with but there’s no greater investment than devoting it with the ones that are most valuable.

3. Health.

When you’re sick, you appreciate your health better. The things you used to be able to do are highlighted because you’re stuck in bed. It causes one to make the necessary changes once you’re up and about.

4. Attitude.

Having a crummy one doesn’t really help. A lot of life is atitude and perspective. Keep looking up because there is always something to thank God for.

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