Worship entails sacrifice.

While worship is usually associated with singing and lifting up of hands, it is much more than that. Life in and of itself is actually worship unto Him. We are told in Romans 12 to offer our bodies as living sacrifices unto the Lord.

Last Tuesday, I met Raymart. He met Christ as Lord and Savior on campus when someone shared the gospel with him. For the past 3 years, he has worked in an I.T. company and is earning a good amount of income.

But he has felt in the recent past that God is calling him into Every Nation Campus. Every Nation Campus is our campus ministry arm that reaches out to students across the nation to empower them for L.I.F.E. – leadership, integrity, faith and excellence.

While he could live comfortably for the rest of his life because of a good career ahead of him, his desire to honor God has overtaken personal comfort.

As a result, he has made a decision to resign, raise personal support, live by faith, attend Every Nation School of Campus Ministry and fling his life into reaching students to empower them for L.I.F.E.

A few takeaways as I have left very encouraged meeting with him.

1. Worship is expensive but worth it.
2. Worship is beyond singing but it is life itself.
3. When God calls, we respond. It’s that simple.
4. Discipleship is key. He has learned to follow Jesus as he his small group leader follow Christ.
5. There is no greater investment we can make that investing in the Kingdom of God.

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