Can you hear God’s message in the midst of His seeming silence?

Christmas parties have started left and right. In fact, in the Philippines, Christmas begins during the BER months (September).

Last Friday, we played a game called Reverse Charades. Instead of one guy acting out the word and the rest of the group guessing, it’s the other way around. The whole group will act out the word while the one, poor guy tries to decipher what’s the word.

My friend Julius was chosen to guess. With 15 people trying to act out “Polar Express”, it was almost impossible, not to mention chaotic. Five guys were acting out a choo choo train. Another guy acting out a globe to point out North Pole. And still another started dancing in front of an imaginary pole (pole dancing). Now, that one was funny to say the least.

I think about Christmas and how this one message of our redemption has been clouded by many other messages. Even unicorns are now found in the malls. I wonder when unicorns started becoming a Christmas symbol.

The last time God spoke before He turned silent was in Malachi. Four hundred fifty long years of silence. Now that’s a long time. That silence was broken when angel Gabriel announced to Zechariah that the Messiah was coming and that his son was going to be the forerunner, making the way for His coming.

Application for us?

In His silence, can we still hear Him speak?

Just because He is silent doesn’t mean He is absent.

The word SILENT when rearranged is also the word LISTEN. Are we listening to the message of God even when we think He is not speaking?

When He is silent, it seems like the answers to our prayers are taking a long time. However, we need to remember this…

“Sometimes, what God does in us while we wait
is more important than what we are waiting for.”


He is doing a work in our hearts and He is more concerned in our character than the answers to our prayers. Provision is never an issue to Him. Protection something that He is able to provide. But more than the answer to our prayers, it’s the process to get to the answers that help us grow in our relationship with Him.



Heavenly Father, help me to keep my focus on You and You alone. There are many distractions that come my way. However, there’s only One Voice I need to listen to – Yours. And there’s only one message I need to embrace – Your Word. Thank You for Your grace that keeps me, Your love that secures me and Your favor that surrounds me. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

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