me and my dad

Every year, dads haul their tents and bags and bring their kids to camping to have one of the best times they can have.

This year, we had it at Clearwater Clark Pampanga.

For some dads, it was their first time to camp with their kids. For others, they have come year after year after year. The experience of sunburn (because they didn’t heed mom’s directive to put sunblock), no toothbrush for 24 hours and science experiments aka breakfast/lunch/dinner.

But most of all, times of prayer, worship and learning from God’s Word have always been a highlight.

I love what Bishop Juray Mora said in his message to the dads,

I believe that our future will be greatly affected more by what happens in our homes than whoever wins in the next few elections that we face in our lifetime. Our greatest contribution to our children is not a financial nest that they can rest in. Our greatest contribution to our children is a home where a relationship with Christ is most valued, a home where their mother is loved unconditionally including them.”

To watch the recap of the recent camp, click the video below.




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