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“Diyos-Diyosan” is a socio-political film made with the intention to educate voters of what is happening in the political world that will be shown in theaters in Metro Manila starting May 4.

It is about those who want to lord it over all (diyos-diyosan) and about the Lord of All. Let us reminisce what happened during the EDSA People Power and after. The characters are not real, but a composite of what happens around us. We hope that this film helps us all to make the right choice for this coming election.” (Cesar Buendia)

Our choices matter and will have an effect on the future of our children

Princess Punzalan has this to say about her character in the movie:

“Estrell has a lot of hurts caused by the government. She became a rebel and an atheist. She saw that her bitterness and her decisions that were driven by it did not make her life better. In the middle of the film, she has a change of heart and becomes an advocate for the truth that gives people real and lasting freedom.
She stops relying on her own understanding and strength and starts relying on the only One who truly has the best perspective, perfect wisdom and power to really change the world.

The people we rely on will have limitations.
But only God has the real power to change this nation for the better.”


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