Blog Banners.001A week ago, we had our annual Couples’ Getaway at Victory Fort. In the evening, we had a costume party with 70’s as the theme. Lots of couples took it so seriously that they had costumes tailor made. Now, my wife Jenn will not be left behind. And she wanted me to wear one too.

To avoid World War 3, I had to come in costume as well. Like what the Bible says, “Submit to your wife.” Oh. Doesn’t it say that?forget the past MSI copy.001

We laugh at the costumes because it’s looking fashionably old and funny. But using what we wore that night for our day to day clothing will look like blast from the past.

It’s funny when it’s mere clothing but not at all amusing when it involves life experiences.

Paul says in Philippians 3:13, “Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.”

Forgetting the past involves past successes, past failures and past hurts.


Have you ever heard your grandfather talk about the good old days? The good old days are good but the good old days are also old. What do I mean? There are a greater things God has in store for the future. He is an “immeasurably more” kind of God as Ephesians 3:20 says.

Sometimes, the good that you accomplished in the past becomes
the hindrance to the best that God has in store for your future.


We all have committed mistakes. We all have made bad decisions. Who hasn’t?
Business decisions. Relational mishaps. Financial choices.

But failure only becomes permanent
if we don’t learn anything from it.


Inevitably, someone will say something that will cause offense.
Someone will do something that will be extremely painful. And it’s absolutely valid that they did the very thing that has brought misery and agony.

But remember this, it is difficult to drive forward
if you are constantly looking through the rear view mirror.

Paul says to forget the past and look ahead.

We can no longer do anything about the past. But we can definitely do something about the future. And as we look to God for strength, He will overwhelm us His grace.

Lord, thank You for all that I’ve been through. The Bible says to give thanks in ALL circumstances. I’m not necessarily thankful FOR all circumstances. But I am thankful IN all circumstances. May I have an attitude of gratitude as a face life head on this week. You will go before me and You will be my rear guard. As Psalm 16 says, “Because You are at my right hand, I will never be shaken.” In Jesus’ name. AMEN.



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