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I realize that I’ve been tweeting lots of Wayne Alcorn one-liners that I’ve flooded people’s news feeds. Before people start unfriending me, I just decided to post the “Alcorn-isms” I picked up throughout the Ignite Every Nation Campus Conference.

Here goes…

Before change happens around you, it first has to happen in you.

Self awareness is a leadership gift. When we know who we are, we are able to lead from a place of security.

If you were charged due to being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? 

When you understand the “why”, every other “what” makes sense.

Why do preachers want to sing and singers want to preach? Just be comfortable with who God made you to be.

Horses reproduce horses. Ducks reproduce ducks. Leaders reproduce leaders.

Be the leader you want to reproduce. What you are is what you’ll reproduce.

God invites us to call Him Father the moment He created us.

If we are going to change the campus or change the world, we need to be changed by a radical revelation of the Father heart of God.

There’s a difference between delegation and abdication. #leadership

You eventually become who you relate to. #friendships

Excellence is not a program or a budget. Excellence is an attitude.

Atmosphere – faith = no miracles. (Commentary on Mark 6:5)

Legacy is giving of yourself sacrificially into a crop you may never see.


PS. Please feel free to add more “Alcorn-isms” below.


PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook Ignite Conference Photo Album

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