The first time I heard this word, it sounded scary, loaded and so old school like a Socrates and Plato type of relationship until someone explained it to me in simple terms – discipleship is following Jesus and helping others follow Him.

Some of you might know that I didn’t grow up with a father. Not seeing him for 15 years was tough. It built a lot of insecurity inside of me wondering why my classmates had a complete set of parents and how come I didn’t.

I gave my life to Christ when I was 17 years old but I was still clueless about life which was why many of the foolish decisions I could’ve avoided I wasn’t able to avoid.

Fortunately, God totally restored my relationship with my dad. But that’s another blog.

Back to discipleship.

Because of my situation, growing up, I was always with women – my mom, my sister, our house helpers. I didn’t really have male role models in my life. My elementary and high school teachers were mostly women. The only guys I hung out with were my baseball and basketball teammates and our coaches.

I had no clue how to treat women properly, man up to personal responsibility and address certain challenges with courage.

Gratefully, God allowed me to get into a group of men who modeled manhood to me.

Manny, Steve, Ariel, Joey, Ferdie, Joel are some of my heroes today who helped me become who I am today as a man, leader, husband and father. I am also thankful for those who influenced me early in my walk with God – Bill, Gregg, Chaz and Melvin.

A lot of what I learned was caught rather than taught.

It’s one thing to teach the Word, but it’s another thing to live the Word.
These men I’ve mentioned became amazing examples for me to imitate.

I love what Dwight L. Moody said,
“Out of 100 men, one will read the Bible, the other ninety-nine will read the Christian.”

I’m thankful to have read from lives of men who obviously weren’t perfect but lived a life that honored God.

Discipleship is following Jesus and helping others follow Him.

Are you following Him and helping others follow Him?

PS. Why don’t you take a moment and message (SMS, email, Twitter or Facebook) someone who has made an impact in your life? Message someone who followed you up, shared God’s love with you and helped you follow Jesus. I’m sure they would appreciate hearing from you.

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