What do you do when your expectations don’t match your present reality?

Have you ever been to a fast food restaurant craving for a big, juicy, tasty burger?
You are excited because when you saw the poster, it really looked mouth watering.
However, when your order came, you were quickly disappointed
because the poster didn’t match what you had in your hands.

During Jesus’ triumphal entry, people were excited. Their expectation was that this Jesus was going to be “the One” who will set them free from Roman rule. This was going to be the deliverer who will rescue them and liberate them.

Little did they know that Jesus came to set His people free…
but it was a different type of freedom.
A greater and more dangerous enslavement was taking place.
It was bondage to SIN.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. (Galatians 5:1)

How quickly did the cheering turn into jeering.
What were shouts of praise turned into shouts of persecution.
Sunday had a crowed who declared “Hosanna!”
but when Friday came, they yelled “Crucify!”

Their expectations were not met.
What they saw with their eyes didn’t match what they believed in their hearts.

What do you do when your expectations don’t match your present reality?

You expected Jesus to heal you from cancer.
You expected Jesus to answer your prayer regarding this million peso deal
which will pay for your debt.
You expected Jesus to restore the marriage of your parents.
You expected Jesus to give you the salary raise you prayed for so diligently.
You expected Jesus to give you the spouse you’ve been wishing for.

But your reality did not match your expectation. What do you do?

Understand that Jesus is King.
Because He is King, He is Sovereign over all the events of our lives.
Because He has sovereignty, this means He is in control and in charge.
The Bible says that He is Alpha and Omega – He sees the end from the beginning.
Consequently, He has a perspective we don’t.

When our expectations don’t match our present reality,
I will determine to trust King Jesus.

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