After wrapping a week of intensive coursework and classes at Wheaton this past week, here are some of the top leadership quotes that rings in my head.
1. If you want everyone to like you, go sell ice cream. (Ed Stetzer)

Not everyone will like you. Leaders will have to make tough calls that may be unpopular.

2. If I can’t lead self well, then I can’t lead others well. (Eric Geiger)

Self-discipline is a highly disregarded aspect of leadership to a certain degree.
Time. Fitness. Finance. Family. Study. Devotions. (You’re welcome to add to the list.)

3. Always prepare people for their next role and not than their current one. (Eric Geiger)

We want to develop a leadership pipeline that will prepare and move people to the greater things that God has for them.

4. Sending an angry email is like peeing in your pants. Feels good for a moment but makes you miserable for a long time. (Ed Stetzer)

As leaders, we have to learn to control our emotions. The greater the leadership, the less the privileges we actually have.

5. “The only person advocating for your time with your family is you.”-  Ed Stetzer

Leaders will have to guard their time. And some of the most important moments have to be dedicated to the most important people in your life.

6. Love Jesus more deeply so you can lead his people faithfully. – Ed Stetzer

Ministry has to overflow out of our relationship with Jesus.

7. Competency will take you only as far as your character can sustain you. – Carey Nieuwhof

Many leaders crash and burn not because they are skillful and hardworking but because their character didn’t catch up with their competence.

8. I had to decide to be ferociously organized to be significantly impactful. – Ed Stetzer

Every leader needs to assess what God has called him to do and how God has called him to make an impact. When this is clear, prioritizing will be easier.

9. “You can’t digitize discipleship but tools will enhance discipleship relationships.” – Todd Adkins

With the technology at our fingertips, we can take advantage of the tools God has given us without sacrificing values and principles.

10. Scandals make you lose your position, character issues make you lose people’s trust – Ed Stetzer

Integrity is what will fuel your leadership. Guard it. Take care of it.

11. “You can’t get breakthroughs in the drive thrus.” – Will Mancini 

Leaders can not expect changes to happen overnight. It will require hard work, diligence, and endurance.

12. Scarcity brings clarity.
We don’t have a lot, we end up focusing on what’s really necessary.


Picture 4Conference concluded today.  Thought about writing a blog for each session.  But I think if I attempt that, I might end up not doing it at all because I gathered so much.

Allow me to just list down a few key thoughts.  Won’t be complete but oh well…

  • What does an ‘unstoppable church’ (Scott Chapman) look like?
    – Spiritually transforming
    – Culturally inspiring
    – Relationally connecting
    – Missionally impacting
  • The (local) church is the hope of the world… because we are the hands and the feet of Jesus! (Scott Chapman)
  • Don’t allow ministry to trump over family time. (Geoff Surratt)
  • We hit barriers when…
    – we’ve outgrown our leadership capacity
    – we’ve outgrown our structures
    – there’s a culture shift
  • Mission creep happens when we change our goals to match our successes. (Larry Osborne)
  • Success assaults clarity.
  • If you’re not accomplishing your God-given vision, then who is?  Too many have ‘cut&paste’, photo-copied type of vision. (Will Mancini)
  • Sometimes, the real problem is defining the real problem.
  • You were born an original.  Don’t die a carbon copy! (Jim Sheppard)