Last week, Dr. Frank Damazio came to Every Nation Manila to teach us on the topic of succession planning and creating a leadership pipeline.

Here are some of the take aways from that seminar.

1. Leadership Pipeline is creating a leadership culture that systematically developed potential leaders, effectively mentoring them into right places at right times to match the growth and expansion of the church.

2. All the leaders you’re going to need are either already in the church or on their way. All you need to do is to find them, train them and launch them.

You may ask, “Why can’t I find them?” You can’t find them because they don’t look like leaders yet.

3. Find the potential leaders that nobody wants and develop them to become leaders others will want to hire.

4. The local church is like a wine skin. Bringing in wine from another wineskin will not only ruin the current wine but may destroy the wineskin. Ask: “Are my leaders drinking wine we didn’t make?”

5. Biblical leadership is a leadership culture that serves. Asking, “What can I do to make you successful?” is a good question to ask.

6. “We cannot be what we want to be by remaining what we are.” – Max Dupree.

We need to discern when to adjust structures and strategies depending on the season the organization is in.

7. Reward character, not talent. Boom!

8. Wise leaders trust faithfulness while unwise leaders trust ‘flashiness.’

Those that benefit the most are those who went through the most.

9. Using “they” instead of “us” undermine leadership. When decisions are made, come out of the meeting as a united team.

10. Empowering leadership doesn’t just “tell” people the decision, they “team” the decision.

It doesn’t do justice that I am summarizing the day and a half seminar with Dr. Frank Damazio into 10 statements but hopefully, you got something out of it.



“For a young person, ‘crucible’ is only a word from the dictionary. But as you mature, it becomes a testimony in your life’s journey.”

These were some of the wise words we received from Pastor Frank Damazio when he spoke to our pastors this past week.

He said that some of the greatest leaders you’ll ever read in the Bible went through the greatest trials in life. Brokenness brings about the greatness in a leader.

He then introduces the concept of the crucible and it’s place in Christian leadership. He says that many times in the Bible, you’d see that before a person is used by God greatly, he had to go through trials severely. Joseph had to spend some time in prison after being falsely accused. Daniel was in the lion’s den. Moses was in the desert of Midian for 40 years. Jonah was in the belly of a fish for 3 days. Over and over, we see people that were used by God in amazing ways. But before He did, they had to go through the crucible.

A crucible is a metal container where things like gold and silver are melted in. It is in the crucible that they are reshaped. Going through the fire will reshape you indeed. The question is, will you allow God to do it? Because sometimes, in our struggle to rescue ourselves from the crucible, we end up missing on what God’s trying to accomplish.

When we rescue ourselves from the crucible experience, we miss out on some of the best lessons God is trying to teach us.

Pastor Frank tells the experience he had when he was in Cape Town South Africa. When he visited, he learned more about the life of Nelson Mandela while in prison. One thing that he said that I will never forget was this – “The man that went in the prison was different from the man that came out.”

As Nelson Mandela embraced his crucible experience, he came out of it reshaped. Hatred was taken out and unforgiveness dissipated. He was a different Mandela.

Crucibles are what gives meaning to your life’s journey. It’s what defines you as a leader. It galvanizes in you what can never be taken away. It’s what you would call a defining moment. And the darker the trial, the greater the grace that’s provided.

Will you embrace your crucible experience for your good and ultimately for the glory of God?