In the beginning of November, we started a 4 week series on Biblical Stewardship in all our Victory Churches in Metro Manila. Today, Sunday, is our last installment of this series. I pray that those who followed us in this 4 week sermon series have been blessed, equipped and inspired.

In case some of you didn’t get to hear any of the messages, podcasts are available here.

For today, I am speaking at Victory Fort to end the series: 11am at Treston and 6pm at Every Nation Building, both in Bonifacio Global City.

For this particular post, I am uploading some of my slides today because I will be sharing a lot of Scriptures during my message. And for those who are obsessive compulsive note takers, I may go quite fast as I flash some of the verses on the screen. 🙂

So that you can have a copy of the verses I will be sharing, I just thought I’d post them on my blog. So, here they are.


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Money has the potential to destroy both human and divine relationships.

I read an article last week about a research that says nearly 80% of couples in their 20’s divorce primarily because of money.

A few days after that, I read another article talking about a poll that was made that 1 out of 5 guys would rather have an iPhone 6 than a girlfriend.

Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) We don’t literally bow down before our resources, money and possessions but they do have the power to take the place of god in our lives.

Jesus said, “You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24). It is interesting to note that He didn’t say “both God and the devil” or “both God and your boyfriend/girlfriend”. Somehow there’s an invisible string that connects our hearts to our wallets.

Right before entering the promised land, Moses reminds the people of God about 3 important things. Because we have a propensity to forget, reminders are critical especially before a major task.


God fed His people with manna, protected them from their enemies, delivered them from the Egyptians, took care of their physical needs like clothing among many other things.

Provision is a non-issue to God. What is more of an issue is our faith. The Israelites could’ve arrived at the promised land in 2 weeks coming from Egypt. But because of unbelief and disobedience, it took them 40 years to get to the promised land.

God is faithful. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He provided then. And if that is so, He can surely provide today.


God reminds His people through Moses to obey His commands. Obedience comes as a response to what God has done. It was clear that His love for His people was expressed through their deliverance from Egypt. As a result of this covenant of love, the people of God are called to respond in obedience.

We don’t obey to receive favor from God. We obey His commands because we already have been shown favor. Jesus sacrificed Himself on our behalf and because of that, we are empowered to respond in love by obeying His commands.


Moses reminded that people to only worship the Lord their God and not other gods. Worship is Worth-ship. It is ascribing worth and honor to God. He is worthy to be worshipped, not just for what He has done but more so for who He is.

Attached below is a video to explain in length the 3 reminders Moses gave to the people of God… and to us as well.