Preached on the topic MULTI-GENERATIONAL yesterday at the 5 and 7 PM services at the Fort. This was our series entitled WWW.VICTORY, the why, the what and the who of Victory.
The Why.  Our chief motivation is always to HONOR GOD.
The What.  As a church, we are called to MAKE DISCIPLES.
The Who.  We are a MULTI-GENERATIONAL Church.
God is a generational God.  He thinks and works generationally.
Didn’t get to use these pics but I’d though I’d still use them at least in this blog.
This is what being multi generational is all about.
Tito Peping
Tito Peping
Joe Jr.
Joe Jr.


2starsRyan, our 6 year old, got home the other day after school very excited.

RYAN: “Mom, I got 14 smiley faces and 8 stars!”

MOM: “Did you get any warnings?”

RYAN: “One…”

MOM: “You got one!” (a bit upset)

RYAN: “Mom, at least I got 14 smiley faces!”

Oo nga naman.

Then Jenn texts me that Ryan got 14 smiley faces from school. I quickly call her cellphone.

PAOLO: “Wow, Ryan got 14 smiley faces? Did he get any warnings?”

JENN: “Yes, one.”

PAOLO: “One!!!!! Argghhh…” (upset)

JENN: “Well, remember, he got 14 smiley faces.”

PAOLO: “Nga naman.”

How easy for us as parents to focus on the one negative comparing it to the 8 stars and 14 smiley faces.

That’s true with parents and that’s true with everyone of us. Facing a white wall, the easiest thing to do is to see the small dot of dirt rather than appreciating the full wall painted white.

Lord, help us appreciate the little things …. even turning disasters into praise worthy efforts.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up… (1 Thes. 5:11)


funeralWarning: Maybe morbid for some but it was quite a reminder for me.

I had a meeting yesterday with Pastor Joey and a couple of other pastors.  We were discussing a few things we needed to fix.

In the discussion, Pastor Joey mentioned something I’ve heard years ago yet it hit me in a different way yesterday.

He was talking about passion.  He was speaking vision.  We was downloading ‘umph’ in all that we do.

Our time in this planet is limited.  That is true whether you are in your 50’s, 30’s or 20’s or teens.  And that is the reason why we need to give it our best shot every single day.

What has God called me to do in my life?  This year?  This month?  This week?  Today?  At this very moment?

Then he said something that hit me like a left hook from Manny Pacquiao.

“One day, I’m going to be in that casket.  And way before that time comes, I often tell remind myself, what will the people say about the man in that very coffin?

That hit me like a bullet train.

What will people say when I’m gone?

With this question in front of me always, my life, then is going to be lived with passion and umph to do whatever it takes to accomplish God’s will.

Because at the end of it all, it’s not the applause of men that I’m after, but the applause of heaven.  Hearing God saying “Well done, good and faithful servant” is definitely more than enough for me.


Roots-PPT-CoverWe start our 10 weeks to deeper spiritual growth this week.  We’ll have meetings on Wednesday (7:15pm), Thursday (7:15pm) or Saturday (10 am).

R.C. Sproul said in one of his books before that “your theology will determine your biography.”  Right thinking will bring about right living.  And that’s what I’m excited about.

We want to grow in our relationship with Jesus.  And to see that come about, we want to get into His word.  We will get in to the WRITTEN WORD to get to know the LIVING WORD.

Today also marks the beginning of our TRAINING FOR VICTORY.  That series of meetings will last 10 weeks and will teach those who graduated from Victory Weekend what it means to FOLLOW GOD, FELLOWSHIP WITH BELIEVERS and FISH FOR MEN.

For this reason also, since the day we heard of it, we have not ceased to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord… (Col.1:9-10)


07152009034Every Wednesday, Metro Manila Pastors meet to pray, strategize and plan for our churches.  As many of you know, we are one church in multiple venues.

During the prayer time, Edgar Gorre (senior pastor of Quezon City) shared something powerful from John 2:1-11.

He talked about the first miracle Jesus performed at the wedding in Cana.  Pastor Edgar shared this in the context of our 25th year celebration.

1. “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5)

This was Mary’s instruction to the servants.

We are called to do what Jesus says.  His word.  Our command.

This is our every day desire – to do whatever He tells us.

2. “You saved the best till now.” (John 2:10)

The master of the banquet was surprised that the second batch of wine was better than the first.

With God, the best is always yet to come.  He surprises you at the beginning and yet He has something even better after.

God’s shown us 25 years of His faithfulness, and for sure, He has something greater in store for us in the next 25 years.

God’s shown you His love and faithfulness?  Remember, the best is yet to come.

3. “He thus revealed his glory…” (John 2:11)

As a result, Jesus revealed His glory and because of that, His disciples’ faith was built.

Application for us ?  Jesus takes responsibility for a life submitted to obey Him.  Through this, God ultimately gets the glory.


multispecialty clinicMulti-specialty?  Sounds oxymoronic.

I saw this sign last week on my way home and I got a bit confused.  Doesn’t specialty mean being good at one thing?  Maybe I just didn’t understand the sign.

That is why our communication in Victory is very focused…

We want to …


We don’t start orphanages.  We don’t set up political parties.  We don’t have a drug rehab facility.  The things I mentioned are all great.  But we need to understand that it’s hard to be good at something when we do many things -jack of all trades, master of none.

Make disciples?  Jesus said it, therefore, that settles it.

Matthew 28:19 – Go and make disciples…


  • 07122009022** Excellent service tonight.  Steve Cadd hit it out of the ball park when he preached on “Making Disciples”, second installment in our WWW.VICTORY (who, what, why of Victory) series.
  • ** His main point: “Discipleship is the means Jesus gave us to grow and mature.”
  • ** Ephesians 4:15 – Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.  We don’t want to stay as babies in our faith.  We want to grow up.
  • ** We had an amazing response to people wanting to get connected into small groups.  Steve’s challenge is to get connected with others who are walking their faith out… that if they’re not in a small group, they need to get in one.  People flocked into the Multi-Media Room and we had 75 plus for the 5 pm and 86 plus for the 7 pm meet with our small group leaders face to face to get connected.
  • ** I applaud all our small group leaders who went down to help out.  Boy, we were so overwhelmed with the response.  Amazing!

    ** Andy and Cherry Gregorio who wanted to jump start a small group after resting for a year suddenly had their hands full with 6 couples who approached them.

  • ** Discipleship IS relationship – relationship with God, with other followers of Jesus and with the world.  It’s all about FOLLOWING God, FELLOWSHIPPING with other believers and FISHING for people.


Picture 1Jenn
and I were in Lipa, Batangas this morning to share in the seminar Raymond and Malou De Guzman put together entitled “Shatter-proof Your Marriage”.

It was such a great turnout.  Not only did it go very well, Jenn and I had lots of fun sharing.  Raymond and Malou are doing a tremendous job with our Victory Church in Lipa.  God’s mightily using them in that part of Batangas.

One of the highlights for me was when we met a couple who has been married 55 years… yes!… 55 years!

They should be the ones teaching the seminar.  But in spite of being the more experienced couple, they were sitting in and taking down notes.  What an example to all of us younger couples.

Mang Louie (picture below) and his wife approached me after and even thanked us for sharing what we shared.  What a humbling experience.

I pray that I would have the attitude of Mang Louie every single day – that there’s always something new I can still learn with every waking moment I have been blessed with.