“The goal is to fulfill your calling more than to find your passion.”

Our real and lasting purpose can only be found in God, our Maker. As we draw near to Him, our ultimate calling is revealed to us, and that sets a passion in our hearts. First things first – pursue God, find our calling in Him, then passion will naturally follow.

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“God’s love and justice collided in Calvary.”

As a just father disciplines a child for a wrongdoing, God also demands a punishment for sins. God cannot let sin go unpaid. However, He brought this punishment that should be ours on His very own son, Jesus, so that we, in turn, may be spared from eternal damnation and enjoy eternity — that’s how great and incomparable the love of God is for each one of us. Isn’t this kind of love humbling?

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“The kingdom of God is so valuable that giving up everything for Him and getting the kingdom is a joyful tradeoff.”

What God has in store for us when we surrender our lives to Him is an extremely great deal in our favor. In exchange for our guilt and shame, He grants us righteousness and peace. From the kingdom of darkness, He takes us to His Kingdom of light.

Allowing Him to rule and reign in our life is the best decision we will ever make.

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“The Gospel is good news, not good advice.”

Jesus Christ has already won the victory for us by defeating sin and death on Calvary when He died on the cross and rose again after three days. This is the truth we hang our faith and our hope on. And this is the truth we need to declare to the whole world.

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“Apart from Jesus opening our eyes, we are all spiritually blind.”

We may not be physically blind like Bartimaeus, but we’re all spiritually blind apart from Christ. We need to acknowledge that we cannot heal ourselves nor do anything worthwhile on our own. As the blind beggar cried for healing and mercy, may we also humbly ask God to open our eyes, so that we may see and experience the fullness of His love and all that He has in store for us.

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“What are you willing to break so that you can be made whole?”

God has a beautiful design and a unique purpose for each one of us, but sin has caused us to be broken. God is tirelessly calling us everyday to surrender all our broken pieces to Him, because He is the only one who can make us complete and whole, nothing missing and nothing broken.

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“Encountering the grace of God will never leave you unchanged.”

God’s grace is more than sufficient to shower us with a fresh wave of hope, to continue to believe that He can turn our mourning into dancing, and to enable us to fulfill the purposes that He has for us. It is only by His grace that we can face each day with so much joy and hope knowing the He is able and wiling to breathe life to any situation we are facing.

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“Let us not make it hard for others to come to Christ.”

As a community of believers, may we extend God’s love and grace towards those who are hurting, lost, hopeless, broken and in despair. As we experience His unconditional love and overflowing grace, may we show the same to those around us.

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“The church is called to be a community of grace. “

Just as we have received grace when Jesus Christ forgave us of our sins, reconciled us back to Him, and adopted us into His family, we are also called as a church family to dispense of that same grace by being loving and accepting towards everyone – even those who may have offended us, we disagree with, or in conflict with. By doing so, we attract people to Christ.

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As a church, the people of God, we are called to model His love to the world—to reflect who Jesus is with how we live our lives at home, in the workplace, or wherever He calls us to go.

May we show the world a kind of church that’s loving, humble, kind, and always willing to serve others.

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