(This was a message given by Pastor Wolfi Eckleben of Every Nation London at Every Nation World Conference 2016, Day 2.)

Isiah 6:8. Who will go for us?

The life changing answer to a life shaking question:
“Here am I. Send me!”

The call of discipleship includes going to the ends of the earth.

Discipleship is not only about maturing but also about movement – COME, GROW, GO.

We can’t release the arrows if we don’t have the bows to launch them.
Not everyone is going to go. Some will have to send.

What makes a sending church?
Their groaning – they pray about reaching the nations.
Their going – they are on the move and always involved in missions.
Their growing – they are developing and training leaders.
Their giving – they are generous with the cause of Christ.

The three big “going” questions to ask:

FAITH: What have you heard?
FRUIT: What have you done?
FAMILY: Where is home? Who will send you?