“It’s rarely a blowout… it’s usually a slow leak.”

The younger son in the story of the prodigal son set off to a distant country after asking for his inheritance from his father.  While what he did was arrogant and unbecoming of a Jewish young man that was frowned upon by society and culture, it wasn’t like he was evil and wicked.

He had his own idea of living life.  He wanted independence.  But he had no idea what he was getting into.  What he went through hit him like a left hook from Manny.

No one wakes up Monday morning (like today) thinking, “Well, well, well… this week is an excellent week to backslide!  I think, it’s a great day to start setting off a different direction from what God has planned for me.”

The younger son drifted.

While that happened to him, it can definitely happen to the best of us.  That is why it is absolutely important to stay connected to the Source.

Remember, it’s rarely a blowout… it’s usually a slow leak.

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